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How to Know Which Videos to Boost on Facebook

Facebook's mission of late has been to make video king in the news feed. They give favor to live video and native video in the platform when it comes to reach, engagement, and so forth.

So how do we know which videos we should put money behind?

Let's talk a bit about your mission first. Why do you do what you do? Are you creating videos around what you do to help potential clients? Once you understand your mission, the why behind your business, you should be creating videos that help further that mission.

For example, my mission is to help coaches, consultants, and other small business owners discover how to succeed with Facebook ads, so that they do not spend all their earnings on ads management, thereby, taking away all the return they'd otherwise receive.

Let's talk video metrics.

Here's an example of a video that I've boosted in the past. My goal is to judge this video to see if it's worth putting money behind again.

To analyze your videos, go to your business page, click on Insights, then select Videos. Scroll through your videos and find something that you know has gotten good reach. Click to open it.

Click on Audience and Engagement on the bottom right.

From these two screenshots, take the following measurements:

  • People Reached = 17,558
  • 3-Second Video Views = 9,487
  • 10-Second Video Views = 7,206
  • Average Video Watch Time = 0:20
  • 3-Second Views / People Reached = 54%
  • 10-Second Views / 3-Second Views = 76%

The benchmarks you want are as follows:

  • 3-Second Views / People Reached >= 50%
  • 10-Second Views / 3-Second Views >= 50%
  • Average Video Watch Time >= 0:10

If your video beats any of these benchmarks, then it's a good one to put money behind. Average video watch time is 0:06, so getting more than 10 seconds is good. More than 20 seconds is excellent!

Once you analyze several videos, consider boosting them for $1 per day for 7 days to see how they do. Do their stats hold up? If so, consider boosting for months on end at $1 per day. Do this with several video posts, so you can build custom audiences of engaged followers on your videos.

This is the first step in creating advertising funnels that bring you customers on Facebook.

Want to learn more? Join our challenge on creating content for your advertising funnels.

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